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Originally Posted by Miguel Sanchez View Post
I bought a used 2004 a year or so ago (my 3rd XRL since 1998 ), and it had a Devol lowering link installed along with a kickstand that was hacked shorter. The PO obviously was not a welder...

Anyway, being over 6' tall with long legs and a tendency to keep my feet on the pegs where they belong, I finally got around to removing the lowering link and taking the bike back to stock height in the rear. Now the kickstand is too short (no shit!) and in need of being stretched.

Could someone measure their stock kickstand for me? Just the distance from the center of the pivot bolt to the end of the foot would be good. I know, I could swing by the dealer and measure a new one, but hey - I'm lazy. I might even fab up a larger pad for the stretched one to reduce having to hunt for cool little flat rocks/boards/lizards/etc every time I stop on soft ground.

Thanks in advance!!
I'm 6"3' bike came with a Kouba lowering link, the front forks were revalved/resprung and internally lowered to match the rear. The suspension is awesome, except for the fact that the lowering link didn't really lower squat. I still have the stock kickstand, the bike sits fine on it...and I can flatfoot sitting on the bike, but not by much, and I have long legs.

Honestly if I couldn't physically see the lowering link on the bike I wouldn't believe it was lowered at all. The original owner spent alot of time and money for very little lowering imo. Personally I wouldn't bother if you're not going to get a truly meaningful amount of lowering. I still wish it was a little lower yet

Maybe the Kouba links don't lower as much as others? Or maybe a stock xrl is so high that even a 6"3' guy with long legs couldn't flatfoot a stocker

I was at the dealer looking at a new xrl the other day while picking up some parts, I'm going to head back and sit on it to see how high it is compared to mine....kinda curious now
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