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Originally Posted by bwalsh View Post
I used a milk crate for awhile until I walked out to the garage one morning and found my bike laying against the riding lawnmower. I had left the bike on it over night and the crate had buckled.
Since then I have used a solid concrete block with a couple 2x4's on top. Works great but is a heavy SOB to move around and I'm tired of having to stoop over or get on my knees to work on the lower part of the bike. The new lift will also double as a nice work bench for my business!
I'm not a Harbor Freight(HF) fan AT ALL but I have seen enough good reviews, on here from folks I know, and HF's website to take a chance. As you can see I also got the better wheel chock instead of the POS that comes with it.

OK, back to drinkin!
Those hydraulic atv/bike lifts are awesome as well, and can be had for around 60 bucks from Harbor frieght. I paid 109 for mine many years ago from of the handiest things in my garage. It'll hold my bikes up forever with its locking set-up, and with a couple tie-downs attached you can wheel the bike around the garage while up in the air.
Better to spend the 60 bone than have something makeshift collapse, drop your bike and do many time that amount in damages to stuff

I like peace of mind, I never could sleep well unless I knew things were right in the garage .....I never could trust a milk crate or the like
"Don't get so concerned with the slab that you choose a turd for the dirt"- The Gospel as spoken by itrack
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