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Originally Posted by KyoXR View Post
yep, it's normal, all the flex in the forks was working as a damper, now with the brace on YOU become the damper as the energy gets transferred.
you get used to it and I think the benefits of the brace outweigh the extra "wag".

I'm sure someone would chime in on "make sure there is no binding and everything is balanced and trued" I did all that but the fact remains that stiffer forks are going to transfer more energy back instead of absorbing/displacing, still a good idea to check everything just in case.
Thanks Kyo for the feedback I completely trued the forks, and loosened the axle pinch bolts, with the wheel off the ground, before I mounted the brace to remove any chance of binding. Everything is straight and true as can be

Your explanation makes sense tho...the weaving wasn't a prob at all, it was only really noticeable with the wind gusts.....nothing that will affect my ride at all.
I was just curious why the change, I've never actually put a brace on conventional forks before

I can't wait to get her in the dirt
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