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Anyone ever replace a clutch on a BRP?
Anyhow, I bought a DP Clutch kit the one in the black case with new springs, plates and discs.. The OEM Honda clutch has a disc in the back(closest to the judder spring) that is bigger (ID) than the rest, the DP kit didn't have a disc like that, they are all the same size.
I read a little and is sounded like people just replaced all the factory discs and plates (including the bigger ID disc) with the ones in the DP kit. So I did that and now I was trying to get the clutch adjusted and it doesn't seem to want to release even when I have it adjusted to pull out as far as possible.
I havent added oil yet so pulling it back out is easy, but I was wondering if anyone had any info on this situation. Is it possible that I need to add a little torque to bust the clutch free the first time. As of right now it drags the tire while in gear.
hope this makes sense.. its early
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