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Originally Posted by ShawnT316 View Post
So do they have the same engine?

Same gearing?

Which is more comfortable on the road? Better seat?

Which would have better wind protection? (In the winter I wants LOTS, but summer's not so much, if any!)

I liked my XS Eleven, but I can get a Honda civic for the same mpg, and heat & ac!
You can't throw a stick without hitting a thread that mentions a vstrom here.

the SV650 will have more sporty ergos. Whether or not that's comfortable for 85 miles is on you.

Go to to check knee bend. Google for gearingcommander to check gear ratios, but both have chains so fiddling with it is just a sprocket away. I'm pretty sure the strom has better fuel range.

The naked sv will have zero wind protection, no clue what the faired s model has. The strom can have very, very good wind protection, but budget for a windscreen and madstad bracket at the very least.

I think for the money you'd be able to find a far nicer dl650 than sv - around here at least all the sub $4k sv's are ragged to hell.
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