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I know I'm the new guy, but I run a local car club/forum, so take these suggestions as you will, but I have a few thoughts that could help this group.

I'm wondering if someone would want to change the first post to reflect the current status of this group? For new guys (such as myself) that's where they turn for group info.

Maybe show the new meeting dates and times, if that's what you guys are choosing to run with? Otherwise it will be hard for new guys who might just want to drop by sometime. For myself, I was going to drop by the Tatum meet, until I was told it doesn't happen any longer.

I noticed that the yahoo group thing is not so good, because it seems to just be spam. Maybe this could be changed? Or maybe it's just not needed or necessary anymore? With our car forum new members have to be approved before they can join, which drops our spam down to near zero. A friend runs a Yahoo group as well, and his also requires approval, which seems to work well. I wouldn't mind receiving emails once in a while regarding upcoming run reminders, but just don't want the spam to fill up the inbox.

Maybe start a forum just for the AZ locals? Maybe it's not necessary, but it seems that with 560 pages of posts for just this group, there should be enough traffic to justify it. I know on places like Thumpertalk, you can do sub-forums within that site. Maybe AdVrider does the same thing? As it sits, things like for-sale items are buried in with ride info, pictures, and other posts.

Or, maybe I should just keep my mouth shut?

Me and a buddy will be taking our KLR's out this weekend. Not sure where yet, but I'm guessing either Horseshoe lake, or Seven Springs. He rarely takes his KLR out of town, really because he has had nobody to ride with. For me, it will be the first ride with my new KLR. So something easy is a good idea.

I'd like to stop by the breakfast meets sometime, but I'll probably wait until the weather gets a bit warmer. I used to ride everyday to work years back, and always hated riding when it's cool/cold. So maybe in a few weeks I can meet up with you guys.
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