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Originally Posted by techforlife View Post
Well,i can`t tell you how many times i`ve come to lights in my city at low traffic times to have the lights NEVER change.pisses me off......cops say i have to turn right then go down the street turn arround and come back..then take that right..........just to freekin get where i`m going

yeah..........right,,,,,,,,,i`ll do that officer,thanks

That used to be the case around here too.

In the news, I heard they were proposing, or passed (I forget which now) a bill to allow bikes to go when the way is clear, if the light cycles through and doesn't pick them up. Several years in the past I'd asked VDOT about the issue and their response was to go ahead once clear if it didn't pick me up, that explaining it to the officer was probably enough if stopped, but otherwise the judge would understand. I figured I'd get that in writing if it ever became a problem. But I'd just go and never spotted, I guess.

But it's not a problem anymore. What with going to cameras instead of inductive sensors, it's never failed to pick me up. And on the couple inductive loops left, they seem to work fine, either because they increased the sensitivity and/or I'm riding more steel now.

- I'll do that, officer! -

Originally Posted by fritzcoinc View Post
In Texas there is an out in the laws for malfunctioning lights. You must wait through two cycles, indicate your intentions, and run the damm thing if safe to do so. Are we supposed to be talking about this, I mean it's NON XRL, and all?
Perhaps that's how the Virginia law is modeled. Sounds about right. This law applies to XRLs, so very on-topic!
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