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Originally Posted by DRONE View Post
Most of the GS rigs I've seen use one-piece alloy wheels.

The wheel I use on my GS rig is 15" x 4", 4 x 4.25 bolt pattern, with 1-3/4" backspace. 60 degree conical seats. 2.9" center hub. Mine's got a negative offset of 19mm but I use one of DMC's adapters. My wheel was supplied by DMC and was one of three styles they offer. But all three are alloy. Mine looks like this--

Thanks everyone. I should have been more clear. My rig is straight from DMC with alloy car wheels and the necessary adapter. I purchased it from another inmate. It has changed a bit, but is still on the Dauntless home page in the slideshow. If you want to see the current wheels click here to see the pic on the Dauntless site.

Drone - I think the info you provided is exactly what is was after. Thank you!

The alloy wheels are ok (even if they are a bit plain). Unfortunately the mag-chloride they use to melt snow here is already taking it's toll on them. I want to hunt down some inexpensive steel or powder coated wheels to use with a more aggressive, softer compound, tire in the winter.
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