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Originally Posted by sunset_ryder View Post
Why can't you put a tail rack or tank bag on the Husky.
Well, I'm sure one could fit something small up at the front of the seat but it would hardly be a tank bank in the traditional sense. As you can see, there's barely any tank between the seat and the steering head.

As the rear rack, the only one I find that fits out of the box is a small little thing from Touratech.

But it may be all the rack I'd really want. Obviously it's not good sense to choose a 250 and then try to pack as much as I would on my Multistrada.

There is another guy--and I have the link somewhere--that sells a kit to fit this rack to the 250.

The attraction of the Giant Loop bag for me is that you don't need any additional hard parts on the bike. My buddy bought one so when I get my 250, I'm going to borrow it and see if I think I can get all the stuff I'll for sure want to take (tent, sleeping bag & pad, fuel cannister, etc) and see if there's room left over for the stuff I don't yet have sorted. Should be interesting.
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