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Originally Posted by ShawnT316 View Post
I just checked Cycle Trader ... out of 40+ Vstroms 650's there was only ONE under $4K ($3799) an '08 w/76K mi ... is that alot of miles?
STOP looking in Cycle Trader for specialty bikes like 'Stroms. Keep an eye on the Flea Market here, and create an account over on Stromtrooper and keep an eye on their For Sale section.

76k is not unheard of, the engines are usually good for 120k, but that price is high. I sold my '04 V-Strom 650 for $1900 when it had 73k miles (It was also pretty beaten up, but very ride-able). I just bought an '08 ABS model for $5,100 with 23k miles and quite a lot of farkles (madstand, Sargent seat, fork brace, rear shock, emulators, crash bars, bash plate, pannier racks, etc)

This time of year, prices for 'Stroms are going to be going up because they're so popular, but you should be able to find an 04-07 model for $4k if you keep your eyes open and jump quickly. Be prepared to do a fly-n-ride.

'08+ will command a little bit of a price premium as they have a number of minor improvements, and if it's an ABS model it will be on average $500-$1000 more.

As for SV650s, I've found them to be less expensive, I got my '03 SV650 for $2500 with 14k miles with a baseball-sized dent in the tank, and it had some major upgrades (GSX-R front end, ZX-10 rear shock, R6 brake calipers, braided brake lines, tons of other little things). I've seen more mint but less farkled ones for $3k all the time over on

Keep in mind that the SV has WAY WAY less wind protection than the V-Strom, and less luggage options (but still some). The SV650-S has clip-ons and rearsets, it's a pretty aggressive race tuck. The SV650-N is much more upright and comfortable, but is naked and has NO wind protection.

tlr - V-Strom is a bit more spendy but if you look in the right places you can do okay for $4k. SV is cheaper but not as good of a daily commuter
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