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Originally Posted by Ross Shafer View Post
In response to the "Dude, what are you hawking?" and "he's a terrorist post" ....I didn't realize my description of the SME style axle block/sliders was so vague. My intent in directing folks to my website was not to see the sliders (there's nothing about them there), but simply as a way to contact me through direct email as opposed to dealing PM's or posting my email addy here (I'm told that a sure way to invite spam/scam emails).

These sliders are a side project I did in my shop for myself and thought some other folks might want some since SME no longer makes them. I do freelance product design and development work which is what my website is about. I do no sales through my website. I hope this explanation and this link to a photo of these parts:
clears up any confusion or homeland security your bullets, you have nothing to fear from me.

Sorry, I'm still not able to get the linked photo to show up in my post...While I've posted photos with no probIem on at least 4 other forums...I guess I'm tech challenged when it comes to posting things on this and one other forum.
Just kidding!
Send your photos to me and I'll post them for you.
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