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Originally Posted by Two Moto Kiwis View Post
We will be staying inland now looking at all sorts, Mexico City next on the list then who knows from there.

You still have snow in ya yard??
Mexico city....or..... . If the traffic guy whistles the shite out of you because you did "something" he didn't like, just crank up them HPs and keep going. But....guts were churning and I was in a hurry to find a safe(r) spot and fill up the "ice cream bucket".

Yeah snow....was melting yesterday. Couldn't get out of the yard til I shoveled some and sanded.Plow just went by and probably filled in the entrance. Could be much worse like Montreal and QC these days.

Darn bikes....hard to find here. Some but all stock. You know how it goes, order farkles....wait....install....tweak.....modify.... recheck PO's work/claims then.....improve.And there is a nice stock 09DR around, would almost have to sign up over there and get lectured, may not go all that well if I open my big mouth.

The yard Eh!....Just because I gave Ken my XL yesterday, might as well put "some" of it here he'll see it. Dirt tracker....I have shovels and Rum but no Pepsi.Yes, that's Beear damages them broken cherry tree branches.....

Have tools, will travel!
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