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Yeah yeah, sunshine, beaches, surfing, flowers in January, purty trees sans leaves, ho hum. I, on the other hand, have lovely stuff like this to play in, seen on New Years Eve on a section of the Appalachian Trail near our home:

It was so slick we could hardly walk, much less ride or even drive - had the truck chained up in 4X4 just to get to the trailhead.

Seriously, I've ridden a number of times in California and it is supreme. I lived for many years in Wyoming where I had about 7 months of riding, but if you timed it right (or loaded the bike in a truck or trailer) you could escape in Winter and ride in the southern US if you got desperate. I love Winter and snow, love the change of seasons, but have to admit that the older I get the less appealing it is. I've been amazed at how fast I've acclimated to the milder climate of Virginia after moving here from Wyoming. I certainly miss the glorious emptiness and skiing, but I do not miss the cold and deep snow (shovelling almost daily for five months ).

These folks had another option for riding when the weather wasn't so good. They were two older couples who said they'd given up two wheels but not their love of riding. This was up on the Blue Ridge Parkway one day last Winter when it was closed to cars. We went up to ski but the snow was patchy so just walked:

My wife loves to ride pillion and wants to learn to ride herself, has taken the MSF training, tried her own bike, but is very fearful of falling over and injuring herself. She was fascinated by the Urals but I don't think she's ever considered a Can Am. They look pretty cool and probably wouldn't be hard for her to learn since she wouldn't have to unlearn any two-wheeled habits.

It's 16 degrees outside today so I can really appreciate your gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing, I hope you can get out and go ride a few miles on behalf of your snowbound fellow riders!

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