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I don't own a KTM, but I am the world's foremost believer in centerstands for any bike with tube type tires. It doesn't matter how good a bike is, when you have a flat tire and can't fix it, the bike becomes a worthless hunk of metal and plastic. I would not ride a bike with tube type tires around the block without some way to fix a flat. I have had centerstands on 2 KLRs, and currently have one on my XT225. The one on the XT225 was custom fabricated by a guy who no longer makes them. I feel very lucky to have gotten it.

It's also very nice to know that someone besides me understands the value of a centerstand on bikes with tube type tires. There are places where you can't simply whip out the cell phone and call road service. An adventure bike needs to be repairable in the field as much as possible.
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