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No power to dipped beam - 2003 1150GS Adv

Hi there,

My bike (2003 R1150GS Adv) is still in disarray as I wait for parts to arrive from around the world

Today I wired in my Autoswitch and got all the wiring ready to connect to my driving lights for when the new mounts turn up.

I fitted Dip & Main Beam HIDs (Les Wassall) a couple of weeks ago. The bike has not been used since they were fitted (no fuel tank). I tried them during the week and they were fine. Today, after I'd done the wiring work, I noticed that the dipped beam was out. Thinking I'd knocked a connection loose, I checked them all and they are sound. The main beam HID and the sidelight LED work as normal. I do not know whether the light was working before I started work today.

Going back to basics, I took the two pin plug off the side of the dipped headlamp rear 'bayonet' cover. With the ignition on, I am not getting power to this plug (my bike has no headlamp switch, so dipped beam should be on all the time that the ignition is on). This explains why the headlamp is not working - but it's not a fused circuit and the wires just disappear into the main loom, so I'm a little unsure of what my next step should be - any suggestions?

By the way - to cover ground already trodden at UKGSer - I replaced the ignition loom with a new one as a precaution earlier this week and did a successful functionality check afterwards. I have tried disconnecting each set of handlebar switchgear in turn with no effect.

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