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Originally Posted by Johnnyboxer View Post
I think the TR650's have a very questionable future now, looks they are up the creek, most definitely without a paddle
Could be ... but once things settle out and recent Terra/Strada sales figures come in, I believe Pierer may change his tune. The Terra has the potential to make the KLR, DR, XR-L obsolete. It's not there yet but not far off.

If Pierer intends to go racing Motocross ... we'll he may be biting off more than he can chew. He should know this given the LONG struggle KTM have been through to get near the top.

On top of this ... the Japanese have over 2000 dealers in the USA (EACH)
Most offer contingency money to amateur racers and teams. Can KTM afford to compete?

And for all those that follow such things ... Husqvarna have been involved in World Enduro (several championships), ISDE, GNCC, Desert series
for years ... long before BMW purchased Husky.

It will be a long road to be competitive in Moto and Super Cross. That is where the REAL money is. I wish them luck ... but IMHO the "new" Husky should focus on the Terra/Strada for now ... and building a true adventure bike (think mini GS).

Pierer also mentions Super Moto. SM is virtually DEAD as a series in the USA. Perhaps the EU is better? Also ... SM sales have fallen way off. It's a dead end segment, IMHO.
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