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Originally Posted by Rob.G View Post
Control will come with experience. And you're smart to not try to stand until you can relax your grip. It's taken me almost three years to be able to do tight, low-speed turns, and I'm still not REALLY good at it. And on dirt, forget it.

How tall are you? You may need to raise your bars up to be more comfortable when standing. I'm 5'8 and added 4" of rise to my KLX and 5" to my DR650.

The best advice I can give right now is just to relax. I know it's hard to do so. But work towards it. The more you ride, the easier it'll become.

Dangit, I wanna go ride now...

My biggest worry about the low-speed stuff is its practicality in traffic. I may not need u-turns much, but turning right from a stop is essential. I didn't try it in the dirt yet for reasons we both fully understand.

I'm 5'11". I am concerned about a severe lean once I stand. It will take several more rides before I'm ready to try it I think, but I may need to consider a rise as well...

Yeah, I'd say I was much less fearful of loss of control today. I was more nit-picking my lack of finesse. My legs cramped near the end from (apparently) me tightening up on them so much. Whenever I feel a loss of balance, I tend to clench my leg muscles.

Hah, go for it! Oregon can't be much worse than what I'm riding in. I'm finally getting some proper gloves Monday to help with the complete numbness I've been experiencing.
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