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Originally Posted by Casey. View Post
I'm 5'11". I am concerned about a severe lean once I stand. It will take several more rides before I'm ready to try it I think, but I may need to consider a rise as well...
Yeah at your height you'll want as much rise as you can get. I'm wondering if Honda provided enough slack in the cables to get at least a couple of inches. Otherwise new cables get expensive.

Originally Posted by Casey. View Post
Yeah, I'd say I was much less fearful of loss of control today. I was more nit-picking my lack of finesse. My legs cramped near the end from (apparently) me tightening up on them so much. Whenever I feel a loss of balance, I tend to clench my leg muscles.
Yep that'll do it. At least you have long legs though, so if it starts to go over and you can't save it, just put a foot down and step off the bike. Bike goes down, you're still standing.

Originally Posted by Casey. View Post
Hah, go for it! Oregon can't be much worse than what I'm riding in. I'm finally getting some proper gloves Monday to help with the complete numbness I've been experiencing.
Heated grips do wonders and are fairly inexpensive. I use the $20 set from Rocky Mountain ATV, then add a nice new pair of gel grips and a $5 relay from the auto parts store. Cheaper than springing for heated gear at this point (which I have for my morning commutes -- WONDERFUL, but pricey).

A friend is coming up with his KLX so we can put his jet kit in and replace a worn out rear tire. We may wire up his handwarmers and some other stuff too. Then maybe we'll go for a ride afterward. The fog is starting to burn off... its up to 37 deg now. Ugh.

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