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Originally Posted by Trixie View Post
It's one thing to add shifts and increase utilization, another thing entirely to invest capital for expansion. I imagine the Gun Mfgs are doing the former, not the latter right now.

That said, organic expansion has its pains as well. New machinsts and operators may not produce things exactly the same way as the current crew, which can be a QC issue until the bugs are ironed out.
I'm just talking expanded shifts and that sort of thing. Yeah...not feasible to have machinery made and expand facilities. Those companies are making money hand over fist right now since shop/msrp prices have jumped about 50% in the last couple of months. I doubt an AWB ban will pass but its crazy to think of how many jobs in the industry would be gone and how many companies would be out of business

I'm waiting for a huge influx of ammo to hit the market at some point from foreign manufacturers since they have to deal with shipping and that sort of thing. My local trip to pick up some ammo blew my mind.....I have never seen a market so out of whack.

.308 and .223/5.56 and 30-06/.270/.243/30-30 all at about a buck a round for mid-level stuff....there's no cheap stuff anywhere and a lot of whats available is reloads at those crazy prices

steel case 7.62x39 is over 50 cents per round now

Brick of .22 is $47 now and thats for ok stuff

50 rounds of crap range 9mm is $27

50 rounds of ok range .40 is $17

50 rounds of ok range .45 acp is $20

Intersitngly enough the 440 round surplus cans of 7.62x54 are only $110
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