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1. Is there a way (I thought it might be in screen orientation) that would keep the map pointed 'upward' in the direction I am traveling?

-Go to settings, General, Rotate map, and then select "To direction of movement" For what it's worth, this setting never saves for me, so I have to go in and change it every time I use the app. A little inconvenient, just remember to do it each time you turn it on.

2. How do you delete all your previous track information so I don't have to see where I traveled the week prior.

- You can go to settings, Monitoring, and then turn off "save track to GPX" if you are just driving around town and have no need to save the files. Otherwise, you can turn off the view by clicking on the layers option on the upper right of the map screen and deselecting "active log" and it shouldn't show.

3. Once I download a cached satellite view, how do I load it for the ride? I downloaded a forest area, but I don't see it anywhere to toggle it on/off. It is not located in the 'download' section of my tablet, and I can't find it on the app.

-- from the map screen, click on the layers button, then click on "Base Map" and select the map you want to use. If you have saved the correct tiles, it will pull up there. It is the same for switching to any of the other map views.
Hope that is all right, I'm sure someone will correct me otherwise.
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