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Well done Casey.One thing to remember when on ANY road and of course gravel is harder is the camber in the road will make the bike wander to the low side.
A previous poster has already mentioned the "look where you want to go" advise.Also try to keep your eyes level with the horizon as much as possible.The low speed balance and lack of control is normal.Practise practise,and learn to modulate the clutch and throttle to control your speed.Really low speed manoeuvres will probably(its been a long time since i rode a 250 dual sport)require you to slip the clutch a little as even idle in first will be too fast.and idle will be too jerky so rev it up a little and have the clutch" half way" out
Take every course you can.It will teach you new skills and this is the sort of place you will meet riders with skills and interests much like your self.I also beleive these courses teach you the right attitudes and mental approach.The instructors will have many gems of information to pass along.
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