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Originally Posted by bleedgrn View Post
... This would include other segments of consumer goods i.e. midsize pickups like the Toyota Hilux with a small diesel getting 32-36mpg. Nothing here comes close. Same as the Ford World version Ranger diesel with similar specs. Instead we are stuck buying vehicles or bikes that are a compromise. I would sell my Avalanche for a small diesel pickup that gets mid 30's tomorrow but not made available stateside. I get that there are some standards to meet, but some of this is ridiculous. Sell us what we are looking for and the market will improve. I believe my thinking/logic is pretty common place.

It's all about supply and demand. Manufacturers think the same way whether it be motorcycles or cars/trucks/suvs. The vast majority of people here in the states, don't want diesel engine midsize trucks or SUVs. I would love to have a diesel engine Hilux or a bare bones Land Cruiser, but most people buying these vehicles don't. They want leather, navigation, chrome, etc...
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