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Cliffhanger---on with day 3

Originally Posted by rjharris View Post
Cliffhanger of a ride report!!
Yeh---don't you hate those cliffhangers---glad to be able to throw one out---instead of always receiving them

This is a different hill --but we kept climbing and started seeing a bit of snow.
The elevation here was about 5,000 ft.

This here was really dangerous. We traveled toward the camera shot---righ in front of Scott was a narrow dirt path between 2 rocks
which was the only path thru-----you couldn't go too fast and if you tumbled you'd end up in those rocks with the bike on top of you.
Here Scott is going back for one of his gloves he found missing.

You can see all the bike tracks we were following.
It was so tough in here in places and Scott made the comment "it's got to be OK for us---there are bike tracks"
I kind of thought different -----as from the non DOT tire tracks I was seeing---I figured these guys were on unladen dirt bikes--------and the lines they took were not the easier lines we chose.

I hoped the magic of the no hassle tassels would get us through.

On top of the world we started going down for miles.
At some point in here it had taken us 3 and 1/2 hours to go 12 miles.
We spent a lot of time going really slow picking our way thru nasty boulders, resting and picking ourselves up after tip-overs.

Scotts moving some rocks to give us a safe and good line.

It was in here I made my 4th tip-over---each time I wasn't hurt---but was in a bad position and needed help picking my bike up.

We could almost see the Pacific ocean from here.

This isn't it-----but I remember a spot similar to this with bigger rocks.
We were in a creek bed finding our way thru and Scott had a zero mile an hour tipover and a huge pointed rock gouged him in the side below his left armpit.
I'm sure he broke some ribs and he was in a lot of pain.
He's a tougher guy than me for pain. He couldn't hardly move his arm for a bit--we got his bike picked up and move forward for a good place
to park it and took a big rest and evaluated our situation.
After a bit---there was nothing to do but to try and ride on.

Somewhere down below here---the road was completely gone.
We had to go down a hill that was over 45 steep into a boulder infested creek and climb out the other side.
Scott was hurging badly and asked me to ride his bike down that hill and up the other side which I did..
That's when I knew he was really hurting.
We have no pictures of that--------but lot's of good video.

The road eased up to easy.
We had been traveling West for a long time now toward the Pacific ocean and just passed the El Coyote ranch we turned South.

I think the Melling Ranch was thru that gate---I went up for a look, but we weren't going that way.

Another extreme act of kindness was bestowed upon us here-------we were just stopped for a break and a
rancher pulled up in his pick up truck and was truly concerned if we needed some help and was obviously ready and
willing to help us out any way we could.

He asked if we had come from Mikes Sky Ranch on the washed out road----and couldn't believe we had gotten thru there.

We hit the pavement that goes from Hwy. 1 East to the Observatory but went West toward the ocean.
Scott was hanging in there and refused to give up the ride.

Getting really close to the Pacific ocean west of paved Hwy 1 we got on some sandy dirt roads and came buy this agricultural area.
I think we crossed Hwy 1 at a little town called La Providencia where we went North a bit and got gas at a Pemex.

Our first glimpse of the Pacific ocean------the smell was invigorating and the surf was really loud------pretty cool.
There was almost nothing out here.

I haven't been around the ocean much---so it always overwhelms me.

Except this lonely abandoned church.

We rode for a good 15 miles right along the ocean----picking are way around washed out roads and rideable
roads and were approaching a waypoint I had loaded in my gps called "shipwreck"
One of the main things I wanted to see while down here.
For quite a bit I was following a track log I got from Jonz----the trail or road had long been washed away in many places
and we were forced to travel more inland at first.

More in a bit
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