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I installed my Lost Dog centerstand today in 25 degree weather! holy crap it was cold out. Overall, it is a great stand and very sturdy. I like the tight fit as everything is where it should be and out of the way when you don't need it.

My peg was too short though, so im going to need another longer threaded peg for the stand to rest on when its up. I spaced it out correctly but maybe the 2011 690 Rs had a minor change in the bottom part of the frame thickness. I don't know.

Removed the stock skid

Cleaned the frame up

Took out the first brake bolt

I then put some anti-sieze on the hinges to prevent premature rust from happening. Grease would also work.

Fitted the hinges back on

I put the springs on and was having the hardest time getting them on! Don't put them on this way. Put them on where the longer end of the spring faces the rear of the bike.

This way the way I put the springs on. Easier to fit.

Stand up!

OK this bolt was way too short for my bike. I had the two nuts on the bottom and the spacer on top of those. When I put the bolt through it barely stuck out of the top and I couldn't thread it. Lost Dog, do you think you could send me a longer bolt with rubber mount?

Other than that, no complains at all and seems like a great centerstand. Thanks!
Dang ! I purchase the threaded studs by the bag and then I screw the threaded stud into the rubber stop with a little lock-tite on it. We can do one of three things. The stud will unscrew and that is a 1/4-28 threaded rod that you can buy at any hardware store and do one that is longer. Or e-mail so I send it to the correct customer. I just checked my stock of threaded studs and they are 2" long. Is that the same as what you have? I need to check this out. Thank you for posting this and now I know to double check those studs. - Martin
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