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Originally Posted by jrflanne View Post
I have just bought a Griso and I have to say how impressed I am with it. The Griso will put a grin on your face and is a true pleasure to ride. I am sure the new Cali will be too. Guzzi builds a quality bike with great fit and finish. I'm not much of a cruiser guy but the Cali might turn me that way, being old and fat and all. Can't wait to ride one.
Glad to hear that the quality of your Guzzi is good. Also, if you replaced the floorboards with pegs, there isn't much "cruiser-ish" about this bike, IMHO.
The only problem I have with Guzzi is that my inseam (36") tends to put my knees around my ears and/or shins in the motor depending on the model.

OK, I looked again, and the mufflers are a bit too long - other than that, it's pretty sweet.
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