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Originally Posted by Bueller View Post
No, it was a fully satisfying ownership experience. Just not for him. You need to ask his dealer
Sorry, but I would rather burn the car, Viking funeral style, than let a dealer get near it. Absent aftermarket parts availability, a great online fan base, and the desire to tackle shit like the timing belt, in my own garage, I really can't imagine that I would of soldiered on for a few years with this POS. When the dual mass flywheel shit the bed, a new one was $777 from the dealer. I'm sure that the whole package with the clutch, and bearing would of been well into the $1400 range, plus labor. I ended up with a Euro sourced work around for less than $500. I really can't get my head around having a $4K VW at the dealer, every few weeks, for another check engine light. It would be smarter, and cheaper, to lease a new 7 series BMW. A-bone is spot on. If VW's current surge in popularity is followed by a surplus of 3-5 year old, unreliable shit boxes, it won't end well. Mrs. Hat is ending a long career as a teacher. The car buying in that crowd tends to be herd based. MB intros. a fairly affordable little shit box, (160, 190, or something) and everybody in the building wants one. Next it's Honda Accords, then Volvos, then off to cute utes. I clearly recall the last round of Jetta lust. Everybody had to have one, tow or three years later, they turned out to be total shit, the local dealer goes tits up, and warranty is 40 miles away. Yea, that went well. I can see history repeating itself. About 2015 or so, the shine will be completely worn off the turd, and so it goes.
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