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Originally Posted by djb_rh View Post
So I have posted before in this thread. I'm after a small "toy hauler" of sorts that has a full bathroom and four bunks and is a tag trailer. Kicker is the weight needs to be REALLY low, like 3k or less unloaded. My original plan was to find someone's abandoned Airstream project and just figure out how to wiggle dual sport motorcycles through the side door and do everything else custom in the interior.

But I need the bathroom to be across the back, and that kind of custom work scares me some. And now I'm kind of getting into gokart racing, so something more "conventional" with a rear ramp would make a lot more sense for this. And someone here suggested the stuff from livinlite.

So finally I decided to see what they could do in a custom unit. The VRV line seems perfect as there's an 8.5x18 that seems to be where I need in terms of weight. I just want it with the bathroom across the front and no galley. But apparently they're pretty cookie-cutter on those, so that redesign is a pain. But they offered to do a custom AXXESS in 8.5x18 (normally they do those in 22 and 26' long only, but the bathroom is already across the front). New 22' ones fully built out inside seem to be listed for about $28k, so in the RV world I assumed that means $25k. And I want a lot LESS inside (and out), so I was hoping to get down around $20k. They were very easy to work with and understood what I want and got a floorplan that looked good pretty quick. Then they passed me on to a dealer to get pricing (and there is a dealer VERY close to me, which was nice).

Then the price came in at just over $30k out the door. They said the extra was due to the fact that it's "custom" and requires extra engineering. *sigh*

So back to the drawing board. I'm not paying that for a trailer. I'll figure out how to live without first.

check this one out...

I think they have a floor plan for 4 and bathroom and it comes with a rear ramp and should have space for a cart. If not they will build to suite. It is a very small company and if you call you can talk directly to the CEO sometimes.

I have this one from them, and love it. No bathroom in mine and it is the next step down in size.
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