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Originally Posted by k9bite View Post
Hi guys, I've been wanting a KLR for years and now is finally the time to get one. I've looked at a couple on Craigslist and really like this one, but there are a couple things I'm a little concerned about. Here's a link to the post but I copied the text from the post so if you don't care to see the pics:

This red 2008 KLR650 has good TKC80 tires (rear is brand new), battery, etc. 99XX miles. Runs well and looks good. Clear AZ title. This is the first year of the latest redesign and it is much smoother with a much more comfortable seat than the earlier model.
Extras include:
High strength sub-frame bolt
Progressive suspension front and rear
Fork brace
Stompgrip tank knee grips
Stage one carb / jet kit
14T countershaft sprocket
Happy Trails skid plate, radiator guard, side guards, and bag racks
Optional higher Kawasaki windshield
Hyperlight blinking brake lights
Modulated headlight
Turn signal beeper
12v cigarette lighter type outlet
Stebel air horn
I will also include a pair of clapped out Fastrax bags and a Cee Bailey headlight guard that have survived a trip to the Arctic Ocean.

And the link:

Here are my concerns.

First, he's the original owner and he had oil burning issues when he first purchased it. The dealer addressed the issue by replacing pistons and rings, which he says resolved the oil burning problem. I've read a little about the 2008 oil burning issue and I was under the impression this procedure didn't fix the problem. The guy is a real motorcycle hobbyist and does a lot of work himself (he's got two older bikes he takes up to Bonneville to compete each year and does the mods himself) so I would think he would have just done the top end rebuild himself if this didn't fix the oil burning issue.

Second, he claims the odometer got stuck at 2,500 miles, so the 9,9XX miles listed in the add is an estimate. I plan to take it to a nearby shop to have it checked out so I should be able to make sure it really isn't 102,500 miles. My concern with this issue is resale value. I'm wondering if I'll have issues selling it myself later.

I'm a pretty good judge of character because of my line of work, my BS meter is pretty accurate and I tend to believe the seller, but you never know for sure.

Lastly, the price is pretty firm, think it is a good price?

Thanks for the advice,

It looks like a pretty good deal with all the extras. Mileage on the bike is still low. He has had it since 08 so it was well cared for. BS meter is low so two thumbs up.
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