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Thank you for all the replies. I am excited about all of the extras, has almost everything I want and then some. Only mods I'm not excited about are the jet kit and the 14 tooth sprocket. I plan to do probably 90/10 street to dirt so neither of these are really a plus. Also, the turn signal beeper is so loud it made me jump when I was checking that the signals functioned (I'm sure I can disconnect this).

Reference the stage 1 jet kit, the seller said he thought it was a Dyno jet kit, but the label on it was Studebaker, so he wasn't sure what manufacturer the kit was.

My main concern about the odometer was resale value. Not that I plan on selling it anytime soon, but I guess I worry other potential buyers would be as trusting as I am. I guess I'm being silly because if you guys don't think it is a big deal, than most potential buyers wouldn't either.

I'll let you know how it all turns out. My mechanic isn't open until Tuesday, so if it works out I'll know Tuesday night.

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