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Lots of conflicting info, but

Several things stand out (rough numbers):

Last year:

BMW sold 1000 fewer bikes than KTM (105k to 104k, iirc)
- KTM knows how to sell at least as well as BMW (I know KTM average price is lower, so BMW sales are higher)
- meaning that the new owners know at least as much as BMW about selling bikes

Husqvarna sold @10k bikes, (iirc) and the new owners state they want to take that to 20k/year, directly taking on the Japanese.

My Terra is 4719, based on VIN, so they made and shipped about 5k units in less than half a year; I hear rumors that Husky sales were up 20+% in last quarter, due mostly to the Terra. I hear that January was even stronger--

IMHO, it makes no sense to discontinue (or fail to secure the supply line for) the best selling product in a business you buy; a bike that can apparently single-handedly get you to 20,000 bikes this year, as long as you can ramp up production. Oh, and is positioned directly to steal sales from out-dated KLRs, DR650s, etc.

I doubt we see the Terra an "orphan", dumped or given back to BMW --- makes no business sense. I that counts in today's market ----

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