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Originally Posted by Beemermcr View Post
Several things stand out (rough numbers):

Last year:

BMW sold 1000 fewer bikes than KTM (105k to 104k, iirc)
- KTM knows how to sell at least as well as BMW (I know KTM average price is lower, so BMW sales are higher)
- meaning that the new owners know at least as much as BMW about selling bikes

Husqvarna sold @10k bikes, (iirc) and the new owners state they want to take that to 20k/year, directly taking on the Japanese.

My Terra is 4719, based on VIN, so they made and shipped about 5k units in less than half a year; I hear rumors that Husky sales were up 20+% in last quarter, due mostly to the Terra. I hear that January was even stronger--

IMHO, it makes no sense to discontinue (or fail to secure the supply line for) the best selling product in a business you buy; a bike that can apparently single-handedly get you to 20,000 bikes this year, as long as you can ramp up production. Oh, and is positioned directly to steal sales from out-dated KLRs, DR650s, etc.

I doubt we see the Terra an "orphan", dumped or given back to BMW --- makes no business sense. I that counts in today's market ----


Maybe BMWs U.S. price point on these bikes allows for little profit when compared to their other models... In other words they were put out at a break even price to try to entice potential Japanese model buyers over and even with big sales do little for the bottom line...

I have heard complaints from prospective buyers North of the US border that they are being ripped off... The Canadian dollar has been on par or higher than the US buck and yet these bike are priced much higher {+$2000?} up here...
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