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Originally Posted by Low594 View Post
You should look into storing your music in an online facility, that way you won't loose it for very long, even if someone steals your equip! Also, backup you photos there! You might be able to allow "donations" of music from some of us! I've got a ton of obscure punk and metal, that I love to share and warp people with!
It no worries man. I didn't "loose" the music. I went through and made space. I have all of that backed up at home. I have a 100 Gig Dropbox that I'm backing up my photos in case something happens to my comp. I'm meeting lots of crazy skibum/boarder kids from Russia, Ukraine, and Georgia so I look at this as a chance to pic up some interesting music that I might not otherwise ever hear.

Originally Posted by Blue Icebreaker View Post
Hey Noah, I've seen that you have travelled right along the border of South Ossetia (on the way to Gudauri), which is de facto independent from Georgia. Did you see any remains from the 2008 war? Any checkpoints with armed guards? How is the safety around that region?
There are Police at every chair lift. this is to keep people from poaching I more then anything. I don't see signs of the war surprisingly. Safety here is not an issue. Just don't get to drunk and get lost in the mountains. And assume every car at night has a drunk driver. As far as the relation between Georgia and Russia? Russians can come to Georgia at will, but Georgians can't go into Russia. I've been told it is very hard for Georgians to go anywhere... or at least to get visas.

My camera has been kaput for about 2 weeks now.. so I need to fix that and get some more photos of the snow and the beautiful creatures that inhabit this environment.
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