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Originally Posted by Johnf3 View Post
Two pieces. Pull the dust seal down and find something really thin but rigid. A thin feeler gauge works good, but anything will do. The idea is to get between the fork leg and the seal and run it around the fork leg to clean out the dirt or grit that is making your seal leak. It is a five minute job and will more than likely fix your issue. Motion Pro even makes the commercial version called a Seal Doctor.

If you have green seals they are SKF, and are the best available. Try this trick before you replace the seal.

My NEW SKF seal (the green ones) leaked at the left fork leg after installation and this trick did not sort it out fully, so i cut a piece of the the finest sanding paper i could find and run it around (with the sanding side facing outwards - towards the seal rubber) a couple of times and that took care of it. I guess there was a minute nick or something during installation inspite of me taking all necessary precautions.

But avoid using anything metallic. It might tear/damage the lip of the seal.

Mineral water bottle, business card are soft, giving and freely available.
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