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First I'dd like to say Thank you to everyone. I'm glad that you're enjoying this thread

Originally Posted by moto rrad View Post
excellent excellent!

I'm taking careful notes, this looks like it will be the destination for my trip this summer/fall. Anyone else want to ride along?

Thanks for sharing !

Well, if you're looking for a guide I know a guy who had ridden this tour and who can take some great pictures. And he's willing to do it again, I believe...

Originally Posted by RestlessRider View Post
Nice report. Great pictures. You are good tourism ambassador for your country. If you can shed some light on how you create your routes in GE and convert them to .gpx that will be helpful for those of us trying to explore off road.

Making tracks in GE...First you have to find a road or a track that looks interesting to you (zoom in on an area). From satellite pictures alone it's usually impossible to know if a road is good gravel or barely an old track (see post No.4 in this tread for one example :) ). Panoramio pictures can help with that, if available. Then you create a path in GE and draw your intended route. Between finding and drawing a track it can be really slow process. As I said, it took me several weeks to route these two trips, some 4000 km. You can also add Placemarks for every POI and they will be helpful once you're out there.

Once when you're done making a path you right-click on its name (left side of the GE window) and click COPY. Go to

click OPTIONS and choose LINE CONVERSION OPTIONS TO TRACK (turn off TO ROUTE). Paste your path into window and click CONVERT TRIP TO GPX and after that DOWNLOAD GPX and save file to your computer.

Then open the file with Map Source or Basecamp or a free GPS Track Maker (my old GPS comunicates only with GPS Track Maker so that's what I use. I use Map Source for some manipulations with tracks. I don't have any experience with Base Camp or any other software or GPS manufacturer. Connect your GPS to computer, turn it on and click GPS--- GARMIN INTERFACE----SEND. Be careful to disable SEND TRACKLOG AS ACTIVE LOG option in GPS Track Maker.

Same procedure applies to placemarks.

***ONE NOTE*** Track logs are only supported by Garmin outdoor GPS units. If you have automobile unit, like Nuvi, than you can't use tracks and I can't offer any additional info :)

I hope this is helpful to you. Have fun exploring
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