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Well, it has been a loooong break now, sometimes writing a story is just not right. I'll try to finish it anyway, and there's not much left
Day 16
We woke up in warm and humid bush and hit the road again, only goal to cover as much km's as possible.
As we have arrived steppe area, it was totally flat as far as we could see, except road itself,

And then all of a sudden - road just ended. And it wasn't a small road, but biggest (and only) road next to Caspian Sea between Kizlyar and Astrakhan. In our map that road still exists, looks like cartograph's were a little enthusiastic about road works speed.

We actually saw a sign to take a detour some 10km before, but passed it and didn't pay attention as it just didn't make sense then. Now we had to turn around. Our journey has just gained some 150 additional km's.

We saw a lonely cow who probably has just walked himself dead.

We were been driving for some hours when we saw very strange view ahead. It looks like dark clouds moving just above the fields. When we came closer, we saw billions of flying creatures. And not some small ones, they were around 10cm (4in) long!

We could drove kilometers through these clouds. It was like sci-fi movie, two starships flying through clouds of enemy fighters and trying to avoid collisions with them. We actually enjoyed this new game pretty much as it was a welcome change to boring landscape. But hitting them at 100km/h really hurts! And we received quite some hits!

Detour was quite scenic. Road conditions were not the best, but we managed to keep our speed up. We did some pretty good jumps there!

We finally reached Astrakhan. But because we were in hurry, we did just a short tourist sightseeing tour and continued our trip north.

When darkness came, we were almost reached Volgograd. 768km, we made some progress today!
We found only bush in steppe and hided behind it for camping.

Today's route. You can easily see a detour we had to make. We could actually continue where road ended, but it was just a trail from that point with road conditions unknown (for next 100-150km) and we were trying to cover as much km as possible that time, that's why we turned around.

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