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Since I returned to Adv rider, and introduced myself on the couple of the local ME threads not so long ago, I have been having a "proper" look at some of the Omani options for bikes, having been here two years and missing two wheels, as opposed to just the day dreaming part and browsing dubizzle.
Now I've got my act together it looks like I might be sent to a new posting for a while, so instead of the info going to waste perhaps some of you guys might be interested.

At the recent oman motor show they did indeed have a Super Tenere on display. Having tracked the Yamaha guy down it turns out they had 2 or 3 but they have been sold already to a couple of indian guys. I was at the dealer this lunch time and he said he should be getting more in May. don't know how many. Price will be approx OMR6300 inc registration, 3rd party insurance, and a cheap helmet, maybe also first 1000km service. Based on UK prices that is pretty good considering the lack of alternative options. World crosser not available.
Service parts shouldn't be a problem but tyres will probably have to be got in Dubai.

Also there are 2 Omani guys from Oman Riders that are potentially interested/could be convinced to sell their BMW F800GS, and R1200GS.
If I remember correctly they are 2012, 2011 sourced from dubai and they are looking at OMR 6K and 7K respectively, with current insurance etc. A few extras like crash bars included. Prices are not so keen as they were reluctant sales based on the fact that their wifes didn't like sitting on the back of them! Oil and filters changed, K&N filters installed, but doesn't look like they've done valve clearances etc. No official BMW service here. I've read that the 800 valves clearances can be a little tricky as the access is a little difficult.
Coinicidentally they do appear on youtube, and one guy is riding one in what appears to be the sea. I've been assured that that is not the one for sale!
You can find those guys at Oman riders. Or on FB. I can let you have one of their names if you are interested.

But at those prices it makes the KLR for sale seem a relative bargain though, especially for short term use.

Hope this info is of use/interest to at least one of you.

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