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Day 3 January 22nd, 2013

Days 4 would take us from our Motel at Pirates Cove on the Pacific ocean South to the nice little town
Of El Rosario which is just a few miles from the Pacific.

Much to my surprise Scott was determined to keep riding and I never said to him--------but thought maybe he was soldiering on just for
me--------something------as his good friend-----I wouldn't let him do if I knew it. We had both went thru a lot of preperation to do this trip
but that didn't matter to me. In the following hours of riding I assured him if he couldn't go on that it was OK with me.
I think he knew that---but I made sure he knew that.

A better picture of Pirates Cove as we rode away "hasta la vista"

I wanted to get right down to the ocean and feel it----and hear it.
Looks like if that bank washes away----pirates cove will be in the ocean.
Maybe that's why they never finished it ?????

The weather had been perfect are whole trip-----today would be no different.
We would start off wearing a jacket and later remove it.
On top I was wearing a armored compression suit----and would never take it off.
Over that I would wear and old gortex MSR enduro jacket I've had for 20 years. I would remove it when I got hot.

I was wearing a brand spanking new pair of Sidi TA offroad boots (not waterproof)
Much more protective than my usual Sidi adventure rain boots (waterproof).
I don't care if my feet get wet when it's warm-----and a non-waterproof boot is cooler to wear in warm weather
and will dry out better if water gets in them------but it never rained-----I never got my feet wet anyway, even in the many creeks we crossed.

Taking off on a long ride with new boots is a bad idea---but I tested them out on a day ride before I left to make sure they wouldn't bother me-------I hoped------they were fine.

From the ocean we rode East out to paved Mexican Hwy. 1 to Vicente Guerrero and got a really good tip from a local where to have
breakfast. The restaurant at Pirates cove didn't open up early enough for us.

The route I had laid out went East on a dirt road but we rode South a bit to here. But it was closed ------or so we thought.

The Restaurant Baja Fiesta had become another victim of the poor economy since the gringo's quit coming.
We had dis-mounted and were ready to leave when the nicest lady ran up to us from the place next door you see hear.
She fixed us a great outdoor breakfast with lots of coffee.
She spoke very good English and we had a hoot with her---everyone was just so friendly.
We ordered one breakfast burrito each----and she knew we'd want more and had another ready before we finished the first.
Really nice people------------don't know about the Starbucks sign ????
I think we may have gotten Starbucks coffee at Mexico prices.
Never thought I'd ever have coffee at Starbucks

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