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More Day 4

Scott seemed fine and was in good spirits and we headed into a mountain preserve East of town and the riding was superb.

The route thru here was just dirt---no gravel or rocks---just dirt ---but there were a few nasty washouts worse than this one that kept you on your toes.

We had ridden about 12 miles and were both estatic about the riding. I was keeping an eye on Scott and asked at least twice if he was doing OK.
He was------and was a happy camper.
But when I got here at this neat little camp-------it was a long time before Scott showed up and I feared something was up.

Scott hadn't crashed----but got it a rut or something and tweaked his already broken ribs. The pain was unbearable for him ---and it was here
we decided to retreat---ride some easier stuff and try to give him some time to heal.
It would have been about 100 more miles of this terrain before hitting pavement again------or gas.

I don't think this bottle of Tequila would have helped his pain.

We headed back the same way----but I had dropped a waypoint on the way in of another trail heading back SouthWest-------for reference.
We used that waypoint and trail to get back to the highway---man I love GPS's.
All these little dirt roads were in my E32 gps maps I bought before we left.

We would head South to El Rosario on Mex 1 and get a good motel and some food and rest up.
Mi Casita---what a nice place------nice people---right beside the road in El Rosario.
The had a Pemex here and plenty of places to eat ---and plenty of hotels---the town had a very nice slow, hometown feel to it.
Nobody running around in a hurry---pushing and a shoving their way around.

I can't remember the name of our Motel--but it was nice for $400 peso's I think---about $32.
It was right next to the Pemex as we came into town from the North.

In the US--this room would bring $220 dollars in the right location.
The people running it waited on us hand and foot and would make sure everything was to our satisfaction.
The beds were huge---the biggest I ever slept in---and made out of solid wood---we marveled at the craftsmanship.
I tried to get Scott a job-------since he didn't have one. He is a bricklayer by trade and they were laying some floor tiles
and I tried to get him on to no avail.

89 miles for the day today
And here is a map of our route today.

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