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As far as the helmet, to expand a bit on what Garp said, they talk about the helmet because it is viewed as a safety device. Just like seatbelts. What I don't understand is what good a helmet will do if hit by a car or truck when on a bike.

As far as stealth mode cars, yeah....stupid drivers is the cause. Can't tell you how many times I've driven in to work in the fog and people won't have their lights on. They must think the lights are only there to help them see. Its especially annoying when they are in a white vehicle. Sunrise is another situation. I come in to town from the east and always run my lights when its near sunrise cuz the guys going east are being blinded by the sun and can't see squat. I've got the sun behind me and I can see great, but not them. Same deal going home.

Natural selection I guess, but their stupidity risks others' lives.
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