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And then suddenly....
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Originally Posted by trc.rhubarb View Post
Just downloaded. Looks very cool.

Ipad Mini IOS 6.1
Pictures seem to show up but no articles after the Aerostich ad.
The video works in the beginning and the pictures look great. Just no text after the ad.
Also, if you could add a way to either zoom the page or increase font size, that would help. The mini is small.

After closing the app and reopening, all is fine except the small fonts.
We had a couple of people have this problem. It was resolved by restarting the iPad. However, this response is well taken. The first generation iPads may not run this as well as we would like. Some of the issues reside in the animations we have in the app. In subsequent issues, we will still have that. But we are scaling them down a bit to get better performance.

Thanks for posting this, and thanks to everyone else, as well! Naturally, we want you to enjoy the content. But usability is important. We really do appreciate feedback on this. It helps us make it better.
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