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I know some people worry about slipping the clutch for fear they'll burn it out, but I don't think you need to worry too much about abusing the clutch on your Honda because it has a "wet" clutch (i.e. bathed in oil), right? I keep this in mind on my BMWs because they have a dry clutch like a car. Even so, that's what they're built for and slipping it some to accomplish low-speed maneuvers will not hurt them. My wife has a little Suzuki TU250X with a wet clutch and it has never once faded or slipped as she has learned to ride it. You may have seen a TU when you took your MSF course, they're sweet little bikes that are low enough that even small people like my wife can get both feet on the ground. And, like your Honda dualsport, they are TOUGH and built to stand a lot of abuse (aka "learning" ). I hate to think of all the abuse I've visited on my DS bikes over the years, and I have never once had a clutch failure. Many, many operator errors but no clutch issues.

I'm reading between the lines and note that your wife seems to be supportive of your new interest - VERY cool! Good for you both! You may have to start saving $$$ toward getting her a bike...

Ride, ride, ride!

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