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Originally Posted by Two Moto Kiwis View Post
Thanks for the info on the film strip.

Re the bike, as you know it was bought seriously misrepresented, we paid top dollar to pick up a bike that was mint with everything done so we could continue and we were lied to big time.

It has caused us untold greif and losses, what you see on here is very much only the tip of the iceberg, if I were to list everything that still needs doing you would be bored to tears.

The arsehole left us out $1156 US just to get her sorted in which I sold a lot of farkles just to cover repairs which I am not happy about having paid for them, then we have had a myriad of issues that still need fixing, some need money, some need attention, should a rear top shock bush be fucked in 1700 miles??? ... NO!!!.

I put this to you and you can really mellow out here and be the big guy you seem to want to be .... our paypal is, you square us $1156.00 US which we paid out for only on the initial stuff and I promise I won't say another thing.

Then I can mellow out for the 3/4 month travel budget which I saved my arse off for and the fuckwit has stolen from us .... deal?, I look forward to your payment.

Great advice and yeap will get some when we can, didn't even think to release the air bleeds so will do that first off.

Hopefully an easy fix.
I understand that, but at the end of the day you've got 2 choices choose to be pissed off about it or just accept and it and choose to be happy. One of them is a great attitude if your planning on finding the seller and beating his ass, the other is a way to enjoy your amazing trip.

Bikes break, maintenance is constant you just got more of it than you bargained on.

I've been there with my 950 when I first bought, not to the extent you where but more than I was ready for.
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