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Originally Posted by daviethebiker View Post
I recently bought a new chain slider for the swingarm on my 1987 XL600R. When I took the swingarm off I felt reassembly was going to be tough as the swingarm was very hard to get apart from the frame. I cleaning everything and put the new chain guide on and got ready to install the swingarm but I can't get the swingarm to slide into position. Is it easier if I loosen the other engine mount in the rear ? Are there any tricks to make re-installing the swingarm easier ? Thank you.

There must be something else going on here, the swingarm is not that hard to get back in. I have extra wheels with mounted tires ready for a quick swap and on the rear. I scavenged up enough parts to outfit a spare swingarm I have figuring that would be a faster swap than fiddling with axles and adjusters and stuff. The hardest part for me is holding the end caps in place while sliding the swinagarm into place, and that is really not that hard at all.

I would study a parts breakdown online (like Babbits online, or partszilla) and make sure all of the pieces are in their respective places and the dust seals on the ends fit tightly and bottom out on the ends of the arm. Maybe someone folded the seals over in the dust caps and somehow got it forced back together. It would be really hard to bend the frame there making it tighter, and loosening motor mounts wouldn't help anything there either in my opinion, but that is easy enough to try. Swingarms are very much alike between models so even if it were the wrong one it should still fit. i think 500, 600, 650l, even 250 and 350 all interchange easily.

I would try to test fit it without the seals on the end first to see what the measurement is between the frame and arm, then go from there. If someone assembled it with pieces missing and pinched it together there, I bet you could jack it back out with a bottle jack or similar device.
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