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Originally Posted by ducnut View Post
Just get under there and start pushing/pulling on things (off a jack). I suspect it'll be swaybar end links. If it's not them, put a jack under one control arm and start pushing/pulling the wheel, looking for any loose joints. Then, switch sides. If you just jack up the car and leave the suspension drooped, many times, it'll put tension on the suspension, which can hide loose joints. No matter, it's simple to figure out what's making noise.

Meh. There are enough enthusiasts forums around that pretty much everything common is well documented.

I look at car repairs, out of warranty, as an alternative to car payments. I'd much rather shell out for the odd part, here and there, versus making that payment every month. I think what happens, many times with BMWs, is that people who can't afford a new one buy a high-mileage used one. Then, they just want to drive it, without maintenance. Furthermore, they probably have it financed, so they have a car payment with the repairs.

Thanks and I agree. Mine still has a warranty until Dec however which makes me happy, if there are any large problems, but I will hopefully keep this car for a long time.
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