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Originally Posted by Big Spag View Post
Big Dog, Great report. Going to baja in 2 weeks. Do you know if you can ride west from the hot springs over to Laguna Hanson? We are riding GS1200's.

Big Spag
The Hot Springs are a dead in up into the mountains---there is lots of deep sand to get in there. There is no way close from the Hotsprings to get over those mountains to the West-----especially not on your bikes.

The only way for you is to go back North to the Highway then West and then south to Laguna Hanson-----Laguna Hanson has lot's of deep sand---you won't be happy on the big bikes.

Going South from the Hot springs and across the dry lake bed (laguna Salida)--------to Mex 5 (the way we went)----Then South on the pavement (Mex 5) and then West on the pavement (Mex 3) to access Laguna Hanson from the South is another way------but again ----you won't be happy in the deep sand and maybe some slick ass mud on Laguna Salida. We thought we would have never made it across Laguna Salida maybe 2 days before we went--------it was muddy and slick-----and it has rained a lot down there since we did it.

Smaller bikes are so much better in Baja----people do it on big bikes---------thousands of people do it------but doesn't make any difference--smaller bikes are much better. You will be avoiding all the good stuff----and have a hard or impossible time if you try it.

I'd rather ride my old clapped out KLR down there than a 1200GS. It's a much better bike for that stuff.

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