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Well I officially rode my first YZ490!! WOW!!..the best way I can describe it is "Violent Paint Shaker"!! If I blipped the throttle while sitting on the seat it would vibrate enough to make my vision cross. As I got on it in first it seemed to load up pretty bad and burble so I cleared it out and shifted into 2nd and everything happened really fast! The front wheel climbed just about vertical and luckily my untested rear drum brake tamed it down...I then took it through 3rd and 4th and each time the same thing!!! This thing is AWESOME!!!

Do you have any pictures of your YZ490 athomerecords25?
Yes these things are monsters in the power department. That is why I am purchasing a 2nd Cylinder and having Eric Gorr detune it. I want a more broad, torquey power range.

I don't have any pics of it back together with all of the parts on it. It should be completed and put back together minus the White OW Side Panels within 2 weeks.

Pics a few months back:,25684
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