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Day 5 January 23rd, 2013

El Rosario to Alfonsino's at Gonzaga Bay on the Sea Of Cortez

We had promised the gals back at the La Casita road side restaurant that we would be back for breakfast at 7AM when
they opened and they were there waiting for us. Their breakfast did not dissapoint us.
We ate outside on a picnic table as the weather was already georgous and tried to chat with the locals the best we could.

We rode a good 60 miles down paved Mexico 1 still skipping our planned route a bit--,making it easier on Scott. I re-routed an easier way and planned on re-joining our planned route
a bit down the road before turning off toward the Pacific ocean again where we would run along the mud flats right on the ocean.

I rode right passed the turnoff toward the ocean on purpose to get our tanks topped off.
We hoped for barrel gas in Catavina and there it was. Several people were trying to make a little money out here where there is a long
way between Pemex's on the paved road here. We were very glad to help them out and gave them a little extra.

These nice folks were selling the gas and helped us out a bit with some assurances of my routing and where it was taking us.

And it was here we met this fellow-----I'd guess you'd call him an ex-pat.
He lived in this town and had a ranch out in the boondocks with a full shop, welder and anything else you might need.
Before we left him he gave us some very good intel on our routing, offered his place to stay, and said if we needed anything repaired
he'd see to it that it got done. He had moved the exhaust system on his Toyota pickup and installed an extra gas tank and had
a 700 mile range----awesome. He was 80 years young and was a total hoot. He seemed lonely and we talked to him for an hour.
And before we left he helped me drop a waypoint in my gps of his ranch and he was astounded his ranch was not only
in my gps ----but had his full name on the ranch-----this was all from the Mexico E32 maps I had loaded. He liked to stay off the radar
as he put it and I'm not sure he liked that his place was designated on the map---it surprised me too. He had a place in New Mexico too.

So it was back to this sign---the sandy road would take us to the ocean---and I heard it was a mecca for surfing down this road.
Check out the crow in the picture.

I think it was about 40 miles to the Pacific ocean down this sandy road and it looks like we'd go thru a mountain range on the way.

We rode for miles on this sandy road------get your sand legs or go home.
Some of it was deep----we dialed our steering dampers up to a very high setting and pulled on the throttle.

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