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More Day 5

Heading towards the Pacific ocean.

My favorite picture of the whole trip------my buddy Scott just tooling along having a great time in Baja.

I stopped to take a pee break---have a snack and let Scott catch up.
Scott dis-mounted and said his rear suspension was "wonky".

And inspection revealed what he already knew---his shock had blown a seal and discharged all of it's oil---so now he had no dampening on his rear suspension.
We probably sat here for an hour and thought about what to do. I pushed down on his seat to compress his suspension and it bounced up and down for quite a bit.
If you've never rode a dirt bike with a blown shock------------you can't.
It will buck you off and is miserable to try and ride even on the smooth pavement.
We both knew the trip was over here and just accepted it----relaxed a bit more ---had a snack ---a gatorade and rode back to the pavement
and I had worked out a plan in my head how to get back to the USA without retracing our route at all. I'd ridden the way I worked out before and
knew Scott would survive it with his blown shock and we would still get to see some neat stuff----meet Coco and camp on the Sea Of Cortex at an
awesome spot I knew of.

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