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More Day 5

We went south a bit on Hwy 1 and turned Northeast on a rocky road I knew of that of that would take us to Coco---and if everything went right
we'd get there in the daylight. Despite me being told Coco was dead------I assure you he wasn't. Last time I saw him he had 1 1/2 legs---now he has none.
Sugar diabetes has taken them. I kind of thought we'd spend the night with Coco and camp here.

That is CoCos 4-wheeler------it was broke down a while back and I read about a guy that stopped in here and helped him fix it. He worked on it for hours---had to remove the carb I think and clean it.

He finally dis-mounted his 4-wheeler and kind of waddled like a penquin on his kneepads and walked into his little outdoor shack.

I mentiioned to Scott I knew of a really neat place to camp on the Sea Of Cortez and agreed to go there---although dark was fast approaching.
CoCo was not going to let us leave till we signed his guest book---it was very thick and very old----I suppose my name is in there from a few years ago.

We admired all the womens panties and bra's hanging from the ceiling.
Look under the motorcycle---------you'll see both of Coco's prostectic legs he can't use anymore.

I've got an old CoCo's corner sticker on my ratty old KLR------maybe I better keep that bike---it's been good to me.

If you ride this bike to anywhere in Mexico--you don't need a passport or anything.
They'll just wave you on thru

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