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Garmin Map Culture

Hog Wild:
Thanks for the information. As I said, the tracks are preliminary and based on Garmin's map culture in their Topo US 24K product. I've found their culture to be out dated quite frequently, so I take the routes as more of a suggestion than anything. I really wouldn't ride through someone's yard or off the edge of the Grand Canyon .

What I was really interested to hear, and the reason I made this post, is discussion about the destinations themselves. Have you ridden the stretch from St. George to Twin Point or Toroweap? I know that they are a long distance, but I ride the super tanker of dual sports, the KLR650! I've got a range of more than 400 km (250-290 miles), so I'm not too worried about fuel. I may even carry an extra gallon in such a remote area. I am wondering about the duration of the ride, so I'd like to hear from people that have ridden it to see if it's been too long in their experience. I see that there should be almost twelve hours of daylight by the time I'm riding there, so I'm hoping that the ten hours mounted should be achievable.

Thanks for the suggestion of that knoll outside of Mesquite. That's exactly the sort of think I'm interested in. It's also the sort of thing that I detour to investigate as I'm riding!
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